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Yvette Farkas

Yvette is a passionate advocate for a brilliant and healthy life lived from the heart. Her journey began with a personal struggle with severe, chronic pain and mystery symptoms no one could figure out. This led her to explore various health modalities and ancient healing practices to help herself feel better. Using the wisdom of Taoist and Ayurvedic medicine, martial arts, mental training, and more, she developed a transformative approach to health and life that she now shares with others.

An expert in bio-resonance technology and an experienced health practitioner, Yvette has helped countless clients regain their health and unleash their greatness to live a life of purpose and joy. Her deep empathy, ability to connect with people, and heart-centered, soul-focused approach empower and inspire clients to live their best lives, removing blocks to health and success along the way. Clients often refer to Yvette as their “Soul Whisperer.”


My passion and mission are to enhance the ability of empathic, visionary leaders to impact the world through the confident and joyful sharing of their Soul gifts.


Creating opportunities for connection, empowerment, and transformation.

Biography Details


With three black belts and over 30 years of martial arts training across Canada, Japan, and China, Yvette has a wealth of knowledge in energizing health practices for incredible vitality. She has also studied yoga for 25+ years and taught both for over a decade.

Yvette’s training includes:

Teaching Experience

Yvette’s teaching experience extends across corporate and private settings through workshops, seminars, retreats, and programs. She has developed bespoke courses, such as the holistic portion of a highly specialized program for nurse practitioners, that was ground-breaking and the only one of its kind in Canada at the time, and helped the leaders of the largest member organization in the world cultivate greater ease, joy, and flow in their life/work balance and personal wellness by delivering in-depth health-related workshops.

Several Books

An author and co-author of several books, Yvette’s work has been featured in the Globe and Mail, CBC radio, and various media outlets. Her books are a part of libraries across North America, used as reference material by the City of Toronto, and have been sold at the prestigious Art Gallery of Ontario, numerous bookstores, and universities.


Through her down-to-earth approach and skillful work with clients, Yvette inspires people to transform their mindset and health to live their most authentic, extraordinary lives. She is a mentor and guide who leads from the heart and empowers others to live a life of passion, purpose, and joy.

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