Scar Release Therapy


Scar Release Therapy for Pain Relief and Healing

Scars are universal and take on many forms, from surgical, broken bones, sprained joints, torn muscles, inflammation, or any areas injured by trauma. Emotional events are also considered scars.

We all accumulate scars and traumas throughout our lives, and they impact our bodies in many negative ways. The pain and health issues we have in our older years may be directly related to the number and severity of the scars we accumulate over time.

To counter the negative effects of scars, the Center For Pain & Stress Research (CPSR) has developed and patented the world’s 1st scar reduction technique, called Scar Release Therapy (SRT), MPS Therapy, or Dolphin MPS.

It reduces the appearance of scars and the pain associated with them.

Clinically proven, groundbreaking Scar Release Therapy (SRT) is a safe and simple technique that addresses scars’ negative influences.


Experience Remarkable Results

Scar Release Therapy has transformed the lives of numerous individuals, including those with C-section scars, surgical scars, trauma scars, and more. It’s a non-invasive and painless treatment that can visually change the appearance and mobility of scars in just one session. We have seen significant physical changes in scars from various medical conditions, including those resulting from breast augmentation or reduction, mastectomy, and skin lesions.


Why Choose Scar Release Therapy?

Scars, whether from surgery, injuries, or inflammation, can have a profound impact on our bodies. They often compress nerves, hinder muscle function, disrupt energy flow, and affect blood and lymph circulation. With Scar Release Therapy, you can experience a range of benefits, including:

  1. Speeding up the healing process of a scar.
  2. Decreasing pain in the connective tissue.
  3. Relaxing and fading scar tissue for improved mobility.

Revolutionary Approach: Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS)

Release Therapy increases the skin’s inter-cellular metabolism, protein synthesis, and healing functionality, reawakening its self-generating abilities. By targeting cellular stimulation through microcurrent waves, SRT reduces dermal trauma, adhesions, and fascia restrictions. It has been proven to deliver an impressive 73.2% pain relief after just one application (IJCAM 2017).

Convenient and Effective

SRT involves the simultaneous application of a low-level electrical impulse to each side of the physical scar. The microcurrent gently relaxes and fades scar tissue, which can impede muscle function and cause discomfort. This therapy speeds up the healing process by reducing restrictions and adhesions in the connective tissue.


Safe, Effective, and Trusted

Using the Dolphin MPS units, practitioners apply microcurrent directly to the scar. Each session typically lasts 15-30 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Scar tissue and adhesions can be released in as little as 2-3 visits, resulting in drastic improvements in appearance, color, soreness, and tissue mobility. Watch the video testimonials from satisfied clients below.


Reclaim Your Mobility and Reduce Pain Today

Release the restrictions and complications caused by scar tissue. Our MPS Scar/Adhesion Release Therapy offers a painless and proven solution that can improve your mobility, diminish pain, and enhance your overall well-being. Don’t let scars hold you back—schedule an appointment with today and experience the transformative power of Scar Release Therapy.

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