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Transformational healing with state-of-the-art technologies and a heart-centered, soul-focused approach.

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Experience with our services
"Small aches and pains disappeared overnight, and feelings of stress and anxiety cleared."
Caine HarrisCanada
"Yvette exudes empathy, kindness, and compassion. Just being in her presence, you feel better. "
Carla RoterRPN, Canada
"I was skeptical at first… now I highly recommend this."
"Yvette takes the time to get to know you and is completely present with you."
Effie ChanCanada
"My intolerance to caffeine was the first thing that showed up as a sensitivity and a major culprit in my migraines. I feel so much better now."
"I feel empowered to continue on this healing journey. Thank you, Yvette, for everything you have done for me. My quality of life improved significantly."
Florence D'CostaCanada
"Yvette is an incredible professional who can connect with you at a deeper level, understand what is really going on and bring you back to balance."
Francesca PuccioBusiness Owner, Belgium
“Giving thanks to Yvette for the huge impact that her work has had on setting my life back on track.”
Julia GCanada
"Even my 7-year-old felt relaxed with Yvette as she answered all his questions."
Juliana D’CostaCanada
"The lab tests matched the bio-resonance health scan results and I finally got to the bottom of so many mysteries."
Leah JonesCanada
"My bio-resonance session was nothing short of a miracle."
Melanie KissCanada
"The level of detail from the bio-resonance scan was mind-blowing!"
Maria KissCanada
"Remote scans are very convenient and easy."
Tunde HeringCanada
"I felt a boost to my energy levels within 24 hours of the scan."
Jana RCanada
"This was truly a transformative experience!"
Rob HamiltonCanada
"My life has completely changed since I did a bio-resonance health consultation and began working with Yvette!"
Zoe TheosGreece
"Her kindness, compassion, and selflessly sharing her outstanding knowledge with everyone is evident in all she does."
"I am so grateful for the services provided by Bio-resonance Life Flow. With the help of Yvette, I have a path to recovery and optimal health."
Shauna S.Canada
"I found the scan so useful, that I later booked a distance scan for my 15 month old son who was having digestive troubles. Many of his issues went away after Yvette worked her bio-resonance magic."
MaddieThe Dominican Republic
I am so grateful to have been on the receiving end of two bio-resonance scans with Yvette. It allowed me to gain a deeper respect and understanding of the symbiotic function of my body. I found it so useful that I later booked a distance scan for my 15-month-old son, who had digestive troubles. His scan identified the areas that needed clearing, and many of his issues disappeared after Yvette worked her bio-resonance magic. I am deeply grateful for this incredibly powerful and insightful experience.

Video Testimonials

Experience with our services
Karen Romano

“I feel calmer about life since working with Yvette. This is an amazing preventive medicine. Try it.”

Sherri Mellamed

Yvette is knowledgeable, warm, and friendly. I felt that she really understood what I was going through.


Yvette looks out for your best interests to ensure you get the best possible result.

Kim Gravelle

Yvette was there for me when I was really struggling and feeling very scared. She created a gentle, calm, and peaceful atmosphere that was immensely helpful.

Sangeeta Kumar
M.Ed - Canada

Yvette provided many resources for my continued healing, shared stories, listened well, and followed up with me. I felt heard, seen, and validated.

Katalin Halustyik

“I was looking for a non-invasive and gentle approach to help me understand what kept me from feeling my best. This was it! I received an in-depth scan outlining parasites, infections, mold, inflammation, allergies, nutrient deficiencies, EMFs impacting me and suggestions to help me thrive again. This has been an amazing experience!”